The International Championship of Marseille city

First held in 2010 as an athletics meeting, the Gay Sport Med event became an all-sports tournament in its 3rd edition in 2014. Organized jointly by the two associations Frontrunners Marseille and MUST (Marseille United Sport pour Tous-tes), the tournament, for the sixth edition in 2022, brought together over 750 athletes from several French and European cities in six different sports.

The various Gay Sport Med editions were sponsoring by supportive french athletes and public figures, including Myriam Lamare (boxing champion and PACA regional councillor) in 2012, Olympic swimming champion Frédérick Bousquet in 2014, and Geoffrey Couët (Les crevettes pailletés) in 2022.

The GSM is not just about sport: it's also a great opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, to share moments of conviviality, joy and celebration: a welcome party, a sportsmen's village, aperitifs, a closing party, entertainment and festive games are on offer throughout the three days and are open to all.

Beyond the sporting and festive dimension, the GSM aims to make Sport and Inclusivity resonate, by fighting against all forms of discrimination such as gender identity, sexual orientation, social differences, but also against racism and discrimination linked to the body. A single slogan has driven us since the first edition: Against discrimination, let's all play sport together! It's a battle shared by the GSM organizers, LGBTQI+ associations, professional partners and institutions working alongside us. It's a battle waged by our two associations through a wide range of actions throughout the year, and one that will continue for as long as discrimination continues to exist.


Historically, the Gay Sport Med was created by the gay community to enable them to share and enjoy sport all together. Today, its name no longer corresponds to the reality of the people present and the inclusive spirit we wish to promote. Lesbians, trans people, non-binary people, gender-fluid people and other non-gay people are all welcome and have been taking part in the Phocaean tournament for years. 

For all these reasons, the tournament's historic name needed updating: it's done. The tournament has a new look, and Gay Sport Med becomes GSM! 

Global, Genderfree, Généreux, Gai, Gender fluid, Goudou, Gay ou Gouine ... everything is possible! The GSM 2024 volunteers make a point of it to ensure that no discrimination or bias are taken or put forward during this tournament. Changing the name is the first symbol of this!

Beyond renaming it, we are totally aware that being inclusive , especilly in sports, is a long way to go. We promise to do our best so that, every people feel included, considered and safe during the tournament.

In order to promote a more inclusive event, a special committee dealing with this was set and started to act : new people and profile taking part of the organisation, working meeting about parties and happenings and to make them evolve,  new communication,...  Not everything will be perfect in this 2024 event, but we are working hard on it and very hopefull. If you have any comment, or ideas to share, let us know and write us to this email adress : contact@gsm-marseille.org

To face discrimination : let's make sport all together !

GSM 2024 organisation team

Marseille United Sports pour Tous·tes (MUST)

Founded in 2013, Marseille United Sport pour Tous-tes (MUST) is a multi-sport, all-volunteer, LGBTIQIA+ organization aiming to enable its members to enjoy sport in a friendly way, accepting each other, and regardless of the level sporting level. Our credo: everyone has their own limits, but we're driven by our desire to do better

The association is linked to french sports federations (notably UFOLEP, FSGT and FFA): they support its activities and give members access to local and national competitions. Today, MUST has over 500 members and offers some fifteen sports, including athletics, badminton, basketball, English boxing, dance, climbing, fitcross, men's and women's soccer, board games, pétanque, hiking, rollerblading, tennis, table tennis and volleyball.

FrontRunners Marseille

Created in December 2002, FrontRunners Marseille is the first LGBTQIA+ sports association in Marseille. The values they stand for : surpassing oneself, tolerance and mutual support. The association aims to : promote the integration and visibility of LGBTQIA+ people through sport; work in a spirit of conviviality, tolerance and non-discrimination in all circumstances; be open to all, without discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, origin or age; promote gender parity and base its activities on co-education.

Approved by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports, Frontrunners Marseille is affiliated with two main federations: the Fédération Sportive LGBT+ and the FSGT (Fédération Sportive et Gymnique du Travail). Frontrunners Marseille is part of the international Frontrunners network (around 100 clubs worldwide), including 5 in France: Paris, Nice, Lyon, Lille and Marseille. FRM's sports activities include running, swimming, badminton, yoga and hiking. To date, over 200 members have joined the club, and more than 800 supporters. Our athletes take part in local races and tournaments, as well as national and international LGBT+ competitions.