FrontRunners Marseille and Marseille United Sport pour Toustes are pleased to invite you to an outdoor F+ soccer tournament and an M+ soccer tournament for teams of 7 players.

Saturday 30th

8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Tournament per team


The number of substitutes is unlimited. 

Shoes with screw studs may not be worn. 

Tackling is forbidden. 

Changes are unlimited during matches. 

Goalkeepers must put the ball back into play by hand within their own area.

Goalkeepers are not allowed to take the ball in hand following a pass or touch deliberately intended for them by one of their team-mates.

It is forbidden to score directly from a throw-in. 

A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in and a goalkeeper hand clearance, unless the ball has been touched by a team-mate or an opposing player before crossing the goal line. 

All free-kicks are direct, with the exception of those awarded after the ball has been kicked out of play. 

In the event of a penalty kick, the goalkeeper must position himself on his line. The player taking the penalty kick may only take one step forward. 

There is no "offside". 

Referees' decisions are final and irrevocable, and cannot be discussed on or off the pitch.

Touches are played with the foot.

The complete tournament rules will soon be available online.

The organization may have to change the number of categories if there are not enough players registered in each.


Breakfast is available on site from 8am. 

Packed lunches are not included in the registration fee. They are offered as an extra when you register.


Juliette (Football F+)

Sylvie (Football F+) 

Thibault (Football M+)

Gëo (Football M+)