For the second year running, FrontRunners Marseille and Marseille United Sport pour Toustes are offering a doubles tennis tournament on 6 indoor and outdoor tennis courts with "green set" lighting over two days of competition!

Saturday 30th

8:30 - 6:30 pm

Doubles (HH - HF - FF)

1st day of competition

Categorie D C B A Open

Sunday 31th

8h30 - 18h30

Doubles (HH - HF - FF)

2nd day of competition

Categorie D C B A Open


D : Player starting out and/or taking part in his first tournament.

C : Leisure player with little or no competitive experience.

B : Regular player with more than one year's practice and/or regular competition

A / Open : Regular player who has been playing tennis for several years and is ranked

The organization may have to change the number of categories if there are not enough players registered in each.


All matches will be self-refereed, with different formats depending on how the day progresses (pools, consolations, semi-finals, small finals and finals).

Balls will be supplied by the GSM.

Full tournament rules will soon be available online.


Breakfast is available on site from 8am. 

Packed lunches are not included in the registration fee. They are offered as an extra when you register.